Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Let's Play - Real Ray Or Fake Ray?

Bet you can't tell which of these Captain Holt quotes are real or fake.


Captain Holt, everyone's favourite robot, has some of the most iconic lines ever uttered in the 99th precinct, whether it's his mundane passion for barrels or out of nowhere cursing, Holt is hilarious and loved by fans.

Beginning as a by the book, no nonsense captain, Holt appears to be the generic authority type in the pilot episode, but as the seasons go on he opens up and starts to enjoy the more trivial things in life and in his job. He risks his career for his detectives and has some of the most potent speeches in TV, let alone the show.

So as a great detective once said "I call the game Real Ray, or Fake Ray? - I will say a phrase, you tell me if I made it up, or if it's something that Captain Holt actually said in real life, to an actual human being.".

If you "understand the logic of this game" and feel you know Captain Holt better than Kevin, Amy or Jake, achieving 100% will be no issue for a true fan of Brooklyn 99.

1. "A Bold Personality. We Know What That’s Code For. She’s A B*tch."


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