Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Raymond Holt - What's His Next Line?

“Every time someone steps up and says who they are, the world becomes a more interesting place.”


There is no doubt that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has turned into one of the most popular comedies of the last decade, with a phenomenal cast and a lot of hilarious moments. One of the primary sources of the show's high quality is Captain Raymond Holt, played perfectly by Andre Braugher.

There are many fascinating aspects to Captain Holt's character on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Between his near robotic enjoyment of things and the clear cut efficiency, he runs the Nine-Nine precinct perfectly. But there's so much more to the Captain than what one sees at first glance. He has sincere respect for his detectives and cares about all of them. At the same time, he is a hardworking professional and a stickler for the rules.

As a black, gay police officer, Holt experienced an avalanche of discrimination and homophobia, thus his emotionless outlook on life often gives him some of the best one-liners and quotes from the show. Holt is responsible for some of the most iconic moments of the show's seven-season run so far, and with each of those moments comes loads of really funny lines that will be quoted by fans everywhere forever.

If you are a real fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Captain Holt, you will definitely be able to remember his next line.

Answers at the end!

1. “Oh, I've Caused A Problem. I Think I Am Getting A Text Message.”


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