Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: The Absolute Hardest Jake Peralta Quiz On The Internet

Brooklyn 99 trivia: How well do you know Captain Holt’s most trusted confidant?

jake peralta

Andy Samberg wasn’t necessarily doing all that badly for himself coming into 2013. The comedy actor had made a name for himself on the small screen through iconic sketch series Saturday Night Live, and his band of YouTube players The Lonely Island quickly became a viral sensation back when the streaming site was in its infancy.

However, there’s an argument to be made that the zany performer only truly found his stride upon stepping into the shoes of Brooklyn 99’s Detective Jake Peralta. Largely dropping the type of outrageous wackiness that had been a trademark of his up until that point, Samberg was able to strike the perfect balance between genuine human being with relatable flaws and ambitions and one-liner machine with an unashamed Die Hard obsession.

Whether we were watching his adorably awkward best friendship unfold with Charles Boyle through various calamitous scenarios, or witnessing him fall head over heels for his former workplace rival Amy Santiago, Peralta never ceased to leave us chuckling or ripping our hair out…depending on what week it was.

But just how well do you know Captain Holt’s most trusted confidant? OK, that may not strictly be true, but he’s definitely in the Top 10…

1. What Is Jake's Real First Name?


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