Brooklyn Nine Nine Quiz: Was It My First Line Or Last Line?

Only a TRUE fan will guess the very first and the very last lines of these characters.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Great cast, genre contrast, and great directorial staff? Yes, this is Brooklyn Nine-Nine. A simple but not trivial Fox series, with twenty-minute episodes filled with dynamics, character relationships, humour, jokes, and silly situations, and the obligatory references to "Die Hard".

From the very first episode to the very last episode, the show had everything. A gay leader, two loafers who didn't even understand why they went to work, the nerd who knew everything, the secretary who only worried about herself, a frivolous who cared about everything, a non-serious good guy who did all the main work, a loser who cared about everything, and, of course, the muscle guy!

The show ran from 2013 right up until September 2021. Having slightly reduced the degree of madness and logically lost its former originality, in the last year of its life, Brooklyn Nine-Nine remained the same funny TV show, and its characters have become even closer and more attractive to the viewer.

So, let’s find out how well you remember the character’s first and last lines.

Answers at the end!

1. Amy Santiago - “He Is Not The Only One. I’m In Too.”


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