Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Which Detective Said It?

When the detectives of the Nine-Nine work together there's no crime they can't solve.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween

Only Brooklyn’s best detectives (plus Scully and Hitchcock) work at the 99th precinct.

Jake, Rosa, Amy and Boyle work hard to make sure that criminals are off the streets and behind bars where they belong. Hitchcock and Scully might spend a lot of time at their desks now, but back in their prime the pair had some of the highest arrest records in the 99.

Eventuality the gang were joined by Pimento. After years of working undercover in organised crime, Pimento returned to being a detective with a few quirks and eventually left to go off on his own.

The detectives of Brooklyn Nine-Nine have taken down drug gangs, solved murders and successfully hunted down fugitives. When they work together there's no crime they can't solve.

Have you been paying attention to Brooklyn Nine-Nine's best detectives? We've created the ultimate quiz that will test even the biggest fan of the show.

Do you have what it takes to identify a Jake quote from a Boyle? Can you tell the difference between Rosa and Amy? Only those who’ve been paying close attention know something Scully said from something Hitchcock said.

Will you be able to score top marks in this quiz? Let's find out!

1. A Place Where Everybody Knows Your Name Is Hell. You’re Describing Hell.


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