Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Who Exclaimed It?

“Come on, Peralta! Holt said to use the whole team. We all want this solved.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Jake

Brooklyn Nine-Nine ran on our TV screens for a wonderful 8 seasons, taking us into New York City with Brooklyn's Ninety Ninth precinct.

Captain Raymond Holt, Sergeant Terry Jeffords and Detectives Jake, Amy, Rosa and Charles all work hard to take down criminals. They do what they do best, take down the bad guys and look good doing it.

The show is filled with plenty of jokes and comedy. From the hilarity that is the annual Halloween Heist to the Jimmy Jab Games, you're guaranteed to be laughing at Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This series brought surprising moments, happy moments and even angry moments.

Across the 153 episodes of B99, we also got to experience real emotion. We saw Rosa's journey of coming out as bisexual to her parents, Jake and Amy deal with the struggles of trying to get pregnant, and also Captain Holt's own difficulties in his marriage. Brooklyn Nine-Nine wasn't shy about real issues, including when Terry was stopped by an Officer because of the colour of his skin, and Amy's revelation of her old boss' inappropriate advances.

Are you an expert on everything Brooklyn Nine-Nine? All you have to do is identify which member of the squad exclaimed it. Let's see if you are truly are good enough to become part of the 99!

Answers at the end!

1. Fine, But In Protest, I’m Walking Over There Extremely Slowly!


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