Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Who Said It, Amy, Gina Or Rosa?

With such a diverse cast, the women really steal the show!


The female protagonists in Brooklyn Nine-Nine couldn't be more chalk and cheese. Boasting a hugely diverse cast, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has an eclectic mix of female leads, each completely unique and identifiable on their own merits.

Always eager to impress, Amy is the teacher’s pet of the precinct and wannabe Captain-in-the-making. Amy is the most professional and driven of the bunch.

Gina is the resident narcissist. Whether she is sitting on her phone, taunting Boyle or admiring herself, Gina is a hilarious take on modern day office culture. All that being said, Gina should come across as a jerk, but in reality she is harmless.

Rosa is as badass as they come. A true lone wolf and a closed book, she is portrayed as one of the most mysterious characters in the 99th precinct. Rosa’s severe lack of empathy leads to one cutthroat detective and in turn scares most of her colleagues on a daily basis.

How well do you know these powerhouse women? Can you identify which character said which quote?

1. "I Am Dating His Nephew, Now We Are Hanging Out On Weekends, What's Next? Oh! Small Talk!"


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