Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Who Said It - Captain Holt Or Rosa?

Let's see if you can identify who said each of these 12 Brooklyn Nine-Nine quotes.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Rosa Holt

Captain Raymond Holt and Rosa Diaz found an unlikely friendship with each other.

Holt respected Rosa's no nonsense attitude, whilst Rosa trusted in Holt's opinion. When a new Taskforce was set up it was Rosa who Holt decided to put in charge. He even commented to Jake that if Rosa jumped off a cliff she would have done her due diligence and it would be safe for Jake to jump too.

When Rosa came out as Bisexual and her family found it difficult to accept, Captain Holt was there to support her. He even took the time to listen to death metal music when she was going through a difficult breakup. The pair might not be the most obvious of friends with Holt's stoic nature and Rosa's volatile attitude to the printer; yet their respect for each other is genuine.

Captain Holt and Rosa know a lot about each other, but do you have what it takes to work out who said what?

Do you remember which of the pair said they stay in the centre of the room and don't say anything whilst at parties? Can you recall if it was Rosa or Holt that exclaimed "vindication?"

Let's see if you can identify all 12 of these Brooklyn Nine-Nine quotes!

1. There's Very Little Street Parking. No Gifts. No Singing Of Happy Birthday. It Should Be Fun.


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