Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Who Said It - Hitchcock Or Scully?

Which of the useless detectives said it?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Hitchcock Scully

Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows a police precinct as they solve crimes, catch criminals, and deal with their own personal issues.

Leading the precinct is Captain Raymond Holt, the sensible yet hilarious mentor who is seen as a father figure by many of the detectives.

Jake Peralta is often seen as the head of the gang, followed by the lovable Charles Boyle, the terrifying Rosa Diaz, the huge Terry Jeffords, the perfectionist Amy Santiago, and the nightmare receptionist Gina Linetti.

Also working in the squad are Scully and Hitchcock, the slightly older and extremely lazy detectives who get next to nothing done. The two love their food, chairs, bathrooms, and ways to avoid work. While a lot of the stories barely include them and they very much act as background side characters, there's no question that the two steal every scene they're in with their snappy one-liners and depressing yet hilarious lives.

The duo are basically inseparable, and since Gina's departure, we did start to see a lot more of these two, including some flashbacks that showcase them as somewhat capable cops in their heyday.

Can you work out who said the following quotes - was it Scully or Hitchcock?

1. "I Miss My Home Chair."


A grown up... allegedly