Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Who Said It, Jake Peralta, Charles Boyle, Or Raymond Holt?

How well do you know the finest officers of the 99th precinct?


Since the show started, the police offers of Brooklyn's 99th precinct have grown to become closer than family. Three of the most prominent members of which are Jake Peralta, Charles Boyle, and Captain Raymond Holt.

Each man brings something different to the Nine-Nine, from Jake's goofy but dedicated demeanor, Charles' unwavering loyalty to his colleagues, and Holt's stoic presence as a role model to the others in the precinct. Through their relationships with each other and the rest of the Nine-Nine detectives we see all facets of their personalities.

At the beginning of the first episode, Jake and Boyle are already the best of friends, something we get to see grow as the show continues. Charles idolizes his colleague, and would do anything for him. Jake's relationship with Holt however, is something that we get to see flourish from the very beginning.

Their styles could not have been more different when the new Captain first took the job in the Nine-Nine, as Holt's no nonsense approach clashed with Jake's almost all nonsense approach, but the two grew closer as the latter began to look up to the former as the father figure he never had.

How well do you know Jake and two of the most important men in his life? Do you know who said the following quotes?

Answers at the end!

1. "I Was Finally Cool, And Becoming Friends With The Most Popular Kid In School"


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