Brooklyn Nine Nine Quiz: Who Said It - Rosa Or Amy?

Was it The Dagger or The Finger Queen?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz

Brooklyn Nine-Nine may focus on several police detectives tackling crime and punishment, but there is so much more at the heart.

The main goal of the show is the friendship and love between the characters. Definitely, many “Die Hard” fans will give credit to Jake and Boyle’s or even Hitchcock and Scully’s friendship, however one pairing that fans have grown to love is Amy Santiago and Rosa Diaz.

Compared to their other relationships, Rosa and Amy were not as close at the beginning of the series. Amy was loud and extremely organised, however Rosa was a lot quieter and outgoing. They didn't have anything in common, so their interactions outside of work were few and far between. Let’s not forget that Amy was the first person to visit Rosa's apartment, but this caused Rosa to move out the day after.

Although Amy attempted to get a reaction out of Rosa, the latter was always indifferent․ Whilst Amy tried engaging with small talk, Rosa came up with the name "The Sleuth Sisters".

The Sleuth Sisters have a unique friendship. From Amy comforting Rosa to their dress shopping trip, there are many hilarious moments between these two. But can you tell them apart from their quotes alone? Let's find out.

1. “Your Sadness Is Noted.”


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