Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Who Was It?

Welcome to the Nine-Nine, Brooklyn’s busiest bullpen.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine bursted onto the scene back in 2013, introducing a set of characters and humour that hadn’t been seen before. The show made a name for itself with a blend of carefree comedy being delivered by one of the most diverse and eclectic cast.

Spearheaded by Andy Samberg’s Jake Peralta, each and every character brings their own unique signature to the show. Jake’s childish hijinxs don’t hinder his natural ability within the bullpen, and is surrounded by an ensemble of complimentary characters helping the show push new boundaries.

Rosa’s badass streak keeps the fire burning through the precinct while Captain Holt’s ice cold delivery is the perfect oxymoron. Sergeant Jeffords is a man-mountain of muscle, yet goes against all stereotypes as he is the mother hen of the Nine-Nine, overseeing and protecting his chicks. Amy’s sweet and nerdy side highlights the more serious character while Boyle is used almost exclusively as the slapstick comedy outlet with his puppy-dog outlook on life.

Call yourself a real Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan? See how well you really know Brooklyn’s finest with this quiz!

Answers at the end!

1. Who Actually Stole Holt’s Medal Of Valour?


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