Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: You'll Never 100% This Fill In The Gaps Adrian Pimento Quiz

Are you as smart as Pimento is crazy?

Adrian Pimento Brooklyn 99

Oh, Adrian Pimento. Can you think of a TV show that has better guest stars than Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Whether it's Doug Judy, The Vulture or Madeline Wuntch, the writers of the show always have a way of bringing in guest stars that kick the show up a notch. Despite those incredible recurring guest stars, there is nobody quite like Adrian Pimento.

Played absolutely fantastically by Jason Mantzoukas, Pimento is a deranged detective haunted by the his past as an undercover cop. The crimes and violence he witnessed first hand caused him to be extremely paranoid and hyperactive, often with hilarious consequences.

Although he only appeared in 10 episodes so far (possibly more with the final season coming out this year), he regularly stole the show with his chilling stories and his questionably sick sense of humour.

Although we all remember Pimento for his hilarious actions, just how well do you think you remember his words? Without a doubt, Pimento has had some of the most twisted, confusing and down right hilarious lines of the entire show and this quiz will put you to the test. Think you know Pimento? See if you can fill in the gaps of these quotes from his time at the 99.

1. "Great! Who Are We Killing? I Won't Do ____."


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