Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: You'll Never 100% This Fill In The Gaps Captain Holt Quiz

Scoring 100% is the only way to get a Raymond smile.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Raymond Holt

Is there a TV sitcom character that oozes more gravitas than the Nine-Nine's Captain Raymond Holt?

When Captain Holt first came onto the scene in season one of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, his character was a monotonous killjoy hell bent on keeping Jake Peralta in line. As the show progressed, Holt soon transformed into a highly whimsical character whilst simultaneously maintaining the deadpan comic delivery that he first brought to the 99th precinct.

Played fantastically by Andre Braugher, Captain Holt often stole the show with his out of character outbursts and rare moments of silliness over the course of 8 seasons. Despite being amongst a star studded comedy cast with the likes of Terry Crews and Chelsea Peretti, Braugher frequently got the biggest laughs with his own unique comedic style and dead pan delivery of his hilarious lines.

But just how well do you think you remember Captain Holt's classic quotes? Over 7 seasons and 143 episodes, Holt has delivered some of the most memorable one liners in the show's history and this fill in the gaps quiz will test your knowledge to the max!

Answers at the end!

1. "You Know What Else Is Interesting? ____."


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