Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: You'll Never 100% This Fill In The Gaps Doug Judy Quiz

Can you get a smushable score of 100%?


Oh, Doug Judy. Is there a more lovable criminal than the hilariously hunky Pontiac Bandit? Sure, he may be a criminal mastermind and sure, he may constantly thinking of new plans and schemes to seemingly toy with the 99th Precinct, but he is just so gosh darn lovable. Whether it's his best-bud relationship with Jake or his persistent wooing of Rosa Diaz, we can't help but love the Master of Smush.

Played hilariously by Craig Robinson (Pineapple Express, The US Office), Judy has appeared in a total of 8 episodes over 7 seasons (so far) and he never fails to steal the show. He first appears in season 1 episode 12 titled The Pontiac Bandit where, after being caught, he strikes up a deal with the 99 to avoid jail time, but uses it as a ruse to make an elaborate escape. In the final appearance of Judy, he asks Jake to be his best man at his wedding which means we will hopefully see one last episode of Jake and Judy together again!

This quiz will test your knowledge of some of Doug Judy's most hilarious quotes that made his character so awesome. Good luck!

1. "You're Like A Son To Me. A ____ Son."


I see my role at WhatCulture the same way my wife sees my role as a lover: I contribute in a very small way, my presence is barely noticeable and I’m not entirely sure if the laughter is at me or with me.