Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Hardest Adrian Pimento Quiz On The Internet

There's no need to go undercover for 12 years to tackle this quiz...

Adrian Pimento

Adrian Pimento is one of those whacky and eccentric sitcom supporting characters who are difficult to love but absolutely impossible to forget.

It’s hard to believe he only appeared in 13 episodes of the show as it felt like he was in our presence a lot longer than he really was. Pimento made a lasting impression on Brooklyn Nine Nine fans as the bizarre cop who one of our main characters fell in love with (we won’t remind you of who as it’s one of our questions in the trivia game below) and who had an incredibly intriguing backstory of suffering from post-traumatic stress after being undercover working for the mob for over a decade.

Actor Jason Mantzoukas forever appears in movies and tv shows that gives viewers the reaction of “oh it’s that crazy guy” but it’s probably his performance as Pimento in Brooklyn Nine Nine which will go down as his signature role and the one most associated with the actor.

But how much can you remember about the character? There's no need to go undercover for 12 years to tackle this quiz but you will need to have seen a lot of Brooklyn Nine Nine...

1. What Was Adrian’s Undercover Alias With The Mob?


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