Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Hardest Michael Hitchcock Quiz On The Internet

Do you know the names of his (many) ex-wives or what age Jake Peralta claimed he lost his hair?

Hitchcock Brooklyn 99

Brooklyn Nine Nine’s comedy duo Detectives Norm Scully and Michael Hitchcock are perhaps the most underrated parts of Dan Goor and Michael Schur’s hit comedy sitcom. Their often hilarious mannerisms in the background of Brooklyn Nine Nine scenes are often secretly stealing the show from their colleagues and in the flashback episodes based on their backstory, the hilarity is turned up to a whole new level.

After our earlier quiz on all things Detective Norm Scully, we’re now asking you to test your knowledge for all things his equally lazy and useless partner Michael Hitchcock.

He appears in almost every episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine but do you know enough about him to score 100% on this quiz? Are you confident you know the names of his (many) ex-wives or at what age Jake Peralta claimed Hitchcock started losing his hair? Or how what the name of his daughter is or which country he moved to after retiring during the recent pandemic.

Take our quiz and check your answers at the end.

1. Which Of The Following Are Nicknames That Do Not Belong To Hitchcock?


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