Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Hardest Norm Scully Quiz On The Internet

How much do you know about one half of Brooklyn Nine Nine’s most lovable crime-fighting duo?

Brooklyn nine nine scully

Although it’s very possible that you couldn’t confidently tell detectives Norm Scully and Michael Hitchcock apart without giving it at least a little bit of thought, we can assure you they are very different people.

Yes it's true that both are clearly being lazy in the workplace and are often useless detectives who may be beyond their sell by date at Brooklyn’s 99th precinct, but they each have their own curiosities, eccentricities and interests.

Norman Scully, or just Scully to most, doesn’t really care what others think of him and although he only shows partial glimpses of being a good detective at rare moments, we do know thanks to Terry Jeffers that he can make a delicious cup of coffee.

But what else do you know about one half of Brooklyn Nine Nine’s most lovable crime fighting comedy duos? They deliver more laughs than Jake and Amy and are somewhere less weirder than Jake Peralta and Charles Boyle's romance... but do you really know your Hitchcock from your Scully?

Take our impossible Norm Scully quiz below and remember you can find the answers at the very end.

1. What Does Scully Refer To As His "oopsies?"


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