Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Progressively Easier Did Captain Raymond Holt Say It Quiz

Do you think you can identify all the things Captain Raymond Holt said in Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Brooklyn Nine Nine Captain Raymond Holt

Captain Raymond Holt arrives at the 99 with ambition to prove himself and shape the squad into the best in the NYPD

Holt's stoic personality often clashed with fun loving detective Jake Peralta. Over time the pair would bring out the best in each other. Jake would slowly become more professional, whilst the Captain would learn that a bit of fun is good for the squad.

Do you think you can work out all the things Captain Raymond Holt said across the 8 seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine? This quiz features 12 quotes by Holt and the rest of the 99, all you need to do is identify which ones belong to the Captain.

Can you remember if it was Captain Raymond Holt or Lieutenant Terry Jeffords who wanted to be called Velvet Thunder? Was It Holt or another member of the 99 who said anyone celebrating a birthday over the age of 6 should "go to hell"?

You'll have to be a huge fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine to stand a chance of getting 100% on this Captain Raymond Holt quiz. Let's see how many you can answer correctly!

All the answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

1. Everything Is Garbage. Never Love Anything.


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