Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Progressively Harder Terry Jeffords Quiz

How much do you know about Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Sergeant Terry Jeffords? Let's find out!

Brooklyn Nine Nine Terry

In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Sergeant Terry Jeffords takes care of his team of detectives like they are his own children.

The loving father of three will do anything for his family. In fact, the birth of his children even makes Terry afraid of getting hurt in the line of duty so much that he is moved to desk duty. It takes the support of Captain Holt and the rest of the squad to finally give Jeffords the courage to get back into the more dangerous side of police work.

Throughout the show, we always see Terry looking after the squad. As Rosa tells him, Terry makes himself available to help them solve cases. He even works a case with Jake when he realises that Peralta's using it to try and get over Amy.

Terry is the perfect older brother or father figure for the whole of the team, cheering on the 99 every chance he gets.

How much do you know about Terry Jeffords? We've come up with 12 questions that only the biggest fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be able to answer correctly.

Can you remember where Terry spent his year abroad? Do you know how the detectives from Terry's old squad would mock him? Let's find out just how big of a fan of the show you are!

Don't forget, all of the answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

Answers at the end!

1. What Are The Names Of Terry's Twins?


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