Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Santiago Drunkenness Scale Quiz

How well do you remember drunk Amy?

Amy Santiago

Sergeant Amy Santiago is one of the main female characters on the police sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She is shown to have a never-ending need to impress everyone. Amy is a hard-working woman with a dream to become the youngest captain in NYPD history.

Rules, binders, and organising turn Amy on, thus she is incapable of breaking rules and tries to get Holt’s approval for anything and everything. Santiago sees herself as an emblem of success. Throughout the series, she has overcome incredible odds to achieve her goals.

However, Amy's personality undergoes radical change with alcohol, so this fact becomes one of the gags throughout the show. Gina Linetti starts to distinguish Amy’s drunkenness scale, calling it “one-drink Amy", "two-drink Amy" etc. Each of those "drink Amy" levels are different depending on how many drinks she has had.

As of season seven, fans saw up to “nine drink Amy”. Well, whether they will see “ten drink Amy” or more remains to be revealed by the final season of the show. For now, we suggest that you get your binders ready and take the quiz based on drunk Amy's personality.

Answers at the end!

1. Two Drink Amy


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