Brooklyn Nine Nine: The Ultimate Adrian Pimento True Or False Quiz

Can you sort the fact from the fiction with the Nine-Nine's loosest canon?!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Adrian Pimento

Being a cop is no easy feat, as your life is a day to day brush with danger, violence and even death. While Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the most wholesome shows on television, that doesn't mean it's exempt from exploring the more gritty and dank side of the job. No one sums that up better than Adrian Pimento.

When this character burst onto the scene after returning from working undercover for a prolonged period, he was instantly memorable. Not only was Pimento a tonne of fun thanks to his erratic energy and unpredictable behaviour, but he gave the show a whole new direction to play with.

Plus, Jason Mantzoukas did a bang-up job with the character, as his endless pool of charisma and unstable energy was easy to fall for but still painted the picture of a man who had indeed been to hell and back. So, with all the detail, narrative and behaviour, what do you remember best?

This quiz is a great chance to see how much you know about this less appreciated Nine-Nine alumnus. Just be sure not to dive too deep; otherwise, things might get nasty.

1. He Worked As A Security Guard In A Hand Lotion Store.


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