Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Ultimate Guest Star Quiz

Only the biggest fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be able to identify all 15 of these guest stars!

Adam Sandler In Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine followed the squad of the NYPD's 99th precinct. We saw Jake, Amy, Captain Holt and the rest of the squad take down criminals, solve mysteries and save their loved ones time and time again.

Despite being a sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine dealt with real world problems. From the tensions between the NYPD and the public following the 2020 riots to sexual assault in the workplace; Brooklyn Nine-Nine has never been a show to avoid the tough conversations happening in the real world.

The show was filled with wonderfully funny characters, many of whom were famous faces that we'd seen before. Comedy legend Adam Sandler made an appearance, Nick Offerman starred as Captain Holt's ex-boyfriend. Whilst Eva Longoria was Jake Peralta's prosecutor love interest.

So many celebrities appeared in Brooklyn Nine-Nine but can you remember all the characters they played?

This quiz features 15 guest appearances by actors you'll know, all you have to do is identify them.

Can you remember who Craig Robinson regularly played in the show? Do you know the name of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s character?

Only the biggest fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be able to identify all 15. Let's see how many you can get correct!

1. Who Did Eva Longoria Play?


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