Brooklyn Nine-Nine Vs Parks And Recreation Quiz: Who Said It - Amy Santiago Or Leslie Knope?

Will you be able to work out who said which quote? Let's find out!


Parks and Recreation's Leslie Knope and Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Amy Santiago have a lot in common.

Both these strong, driven women love organisation and making sure that everything is in order. No one loves scrapbooking and creating memory books more than Amy and Leslie. Amy even tries to get around Captain Holt's no gift rule by creating a scrap book of his life in the NYPD.

Both Leslie and Amy are used to getting competitive. With Amy's 7 brothers and Leslie trying to make it in the generally male dominated world of politics, the pair are always fighting for their seat at the table. Leslie tries to prove her hunting skills at the department's trip to the woods, whilst Amy finds herself often making bets with Jake to prove she is just as good at him.

Amy and Leslie both pushed to pursue their career to the fullest. Leslie wanted to make the city she loved better, whilst Amy wanted to be the best cop she could be.

The pair might not know each other, but their respect for others passionate about goals would have made them the best of friends.

With Leslie Knope and Amy Santiago being so similar, do you have what it takes to tell the pair apart? Will you work out who said what? Let's find out!

1. One Person’s Annoying Is Another’s Inspiring And Heroic.


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