Brooklyn Nine-Nine Vs The Office: Who Asked It - Jake Peralta Or Michael Scott?

"That's okay. I have no questions. That's right. I'm about to monologue, son."

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Jake Peralta The Office Michael Scott

In Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Office, there are two characters who always bring the comedy.

Detective Jake Peralta and Regional Manager Michael Scott are part of what makes their respective shows so great. Sometimes we're laughing with them, like when Michael hosts the Dundees or when Jake hosts the Jimmy Jab games. Other times we're laughing at the pair, such as when Jake fell through a car roof during a chase or that time Michael grilled his foot on his George Foreman Grill.

Despite one being a serious detective and the other loving nothing more than making people laugh, the pair are strangely similar. Jake became a detective because of Die Hard, whilst Michael thinks that Die Hard's one of the greatest films of all time.

Both Michael and Jake even have their own catchphrases. Michael loves nothing more than responding with a "that's what she said", whilst Jake loves to respond with "title of your sex tape".

Do you have what it takes to tell these two apart? This quiz features some of the funniest questions asked by both Michael Scott and Jake Peralta. All you have to do is decide whether it came from The Office star or from one of the finest detectives in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Let's see if you can get every question correct. Good luck!

Answers at the end!

1. Is It A ‘Chris’? Hemsworth? Evans? Pratt? Pine? Brown? Cross?


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