Brooklyn Nine-Nine: You’ll Never Get 100% On This Charles Boyle Quiz!

Only Jake Peralta could know this much about Boyle!


There should be more people like Charles Boyle in the world - a genuinely good guy.

It’s difficult to find in today’s over-saturated sitcom market, which mainly focuses on the loud and the brash, but Charles brings the Nine-Nine to life with his puppy dog approach to life.

Boyle’s demeanour feels like he belongs in a cartoon, with his erratic energy and ever optimistic outlook. Whether he is reviewing the New York pizza scene, or at Jake’s beconing call, Boyle truly is the glue that keeps the Brooklyn bullpen together.

Although he may not be as physically gifted as some, he is always willing to learn and would even take a bullet for his friends - even if it is in his butt. Brooklyn Nine-Nine already boasts a hugely diverse cast, which is complimented even further by Boyle.

Can you go ‘full Boyle’ and bring sexy back by nailing this quiz? How well do you really know the unsung hero of Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Answers at the end!

1. What Is Boyle’s Badge Number In The Pilot?


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