Brooklyn Nine-Nine: You'll Never 100% This Jake Peralta Quiz

How well do you remember the antics and shenanigans of Brooklyn Nine Nine's Jake Peralta?

Jake Peralta

Brooklyn Nine Nine's upcoming eighth season will sadly be the last time we spend with our favourite television police precinct. NBC cancelled the show earlier this year after just two seasons since they picked Brooklyn 99 up after its previous home Fox surprisingly pulled the plug after season 5, despite its loyal following.

The currently filming Brooklyn Nine Nine season 8 will air in the 2021-2022 season and personally, we just can't wait to see how they plan to wrap up the saga.

Debuting in 2013, Brooklyn Nine Nine quickly took the place of The Office as our most anticipated tv sitcom half-hour and there's barely a bad episode among the 143 that have aired so far.

A massive part of Brooklyn 99's success is Andy Samberg's charismatic and hilarious performance as the cocksure, John McClane in Die Hard obsessed Jake Peralta. Samberg's wholehearted gutso in the role is clear for everyone to see and he so often gets the biggest laughs with his eccentricities and outrageous one-liners.

But how well do you remember the antics and shenanigans of Brooklyn Nine Nine's no. 9544 detective, Jake Peralta.

As we await, hope and pray we get to see Jake Peralta interact with Bruce Willis in the final season... here's our absolute hardest Jake Peralta quiz to pass the time!

Answers at the end.

1. Jake Had A Massive Crush On Which Saved By The Bell Actor?


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