Brooklyn Nine Nine: You'll Never Get 100% On This Cheddar The Dog Quiz

How well do you know this Fluffy Boy?!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cheddar

There have been many iconic canines to grace the world of sitcoms. The likes of Champion (Parks & Recreation), Eddie Crane (Fraiser), Comet (Full House) and plenty more have come into shows to give audiences those little aww moments in between the laughs. But, it's hard to find any furry fellas who match up to the pedigree chum himself, Cheddar.

Cheddar, the corgi, is a delightful part of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. While he exists mainly as a tool for cuteness, he also provides a solid look into the home life of Raymond Holt, showing just how caring and dedicated he is as a father. Plus, the little guy even has a bit of an edgy side, being a major component of the Halloween Heists thanks to his excellent thievery skills.

Throughout the show's eight seasons, fans have had the time to get to know this little pooch, understanding what he likes, dislikes and the tricks he can do. So, how well have you been paying attention to the youngest member of the Holt family?

You'll have to be a real dog person to score 100% on this one.

1. What Is The Name Of Cheddar's Favourite Toy?


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