Brooklyn Nine-Nine: You'll Never Get 100% On This Hitchcock And Scully Quiz

How well do you remember the 99th Precinct's worst detectives? Take this quiz to find out!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Hitchcock And Scully

For a show starring mostly detectives, it makes sense that most of the characters are fast thinking and capable at their jobs. Nearly everyone on the squad has something to offer when it comes to fighting crime.

While most of the characters on the show are hard working and determined to always solve a case, the same can't be said for Hitchcock and Scully. While they're the longest serving detectives at the 99, they're defiantly not the most capable. Often lazy and looking to spend as much time sat at their desks as possible, they are often the source of annoyance or disgust.

Throughout the show however, the two have proved themselves useful and have brief moments where they show themselves to be smarter than they let on. And as shown in flashbacks, the two used to be incredibly efficient detectives in their youth.

In fact, during the run of the show quite a bit is learned about these two detectives, especially since they have become more prominent characters. If you want to see how much you remember then take this quiz and see how well you know The Flat-Top and The Freak!

Answers at the end!

1. In The Episode 'Thanksgiving', Where Is Scully's Secret Stash Of Food?


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