Buffy The Vampire Slayer: 33 Great Behind The Scenes Shots You Need To See

See the Scoobies as you've never seen them before!

20th Television
Buffy the Vampire Slayer left a lasting legacy that sees it being as popular today as it ever was. Few television shows have had quite the impact that the series depicting the Slayer's adventures had on its viewers - thanks largely to the brilliance of Joss Whedon and his wonderful cast. Episodes are re-watched en masse and canon comic book continuations of the show are read around the world every day, meaning that - in spite of the show finishing nearly twelve years ago - it is far from merely being a distant memory. That being said, most Buffy fans have seen every episode at least ten times and reading the comics just doesn't capture the feel of the show in the same way watching it did, so it's always nice to revisit it in any other ways possible. Which is exactly where this retrospective look behind the magic of Whedon's show comes in. Although the internet wasn't nearly as prominent an entity in Buffy's day as it is now, a plethora of photographs from the set of the show have since made their way online and now you can see what happened behind the cameras...

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