Buffy The Vampire Slayer Quiz: Did Rupert Giles Say It?

Can you identify which of these lines came from everyone's favourite librarian?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Rupert Giles
Mutant Enemy

Growing up, we all need some kind of mentor, a person who can guide us through the troubles of adolescence and shower us with valuable life lessons. When it comes to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Rupert Giles serves as the primary mentor throughout the show.

As Buffy’s watcher, Giles has an in-depth understanding of all things supernatural and offers the gang plenty of timeless knowledge over the course of their adventures. In fact – despite being a school librarian – he’s more of a wise father figure than a teacher.

What’s more, Giles’s intellectualism is balanced with plenty of humour. Due to the sharp script and a great performance from Anthony Stewart Head, his amusing quips always hit the mark. And the clash between Giles’ stern approach to his duty and the more relaxed attitude of the Scooby Gang is always a great source of humour, too.

For this quiz, you’ll have to figure out whether it was Giles who said these lines. Whilst there are some classic quotes in here, some bits of dialogue will be harder to identify. Getting 100% will not be easy.

Answers at the end!

1. “You Have The Emotional Maturity Of A Blueberry Scone.”


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