Buffy The Vampire Slayer Vs. Captain Marvel: Who Said It, Buffy Summers Or Carol Danvers?

Which badass female icon goes with which inspirational quote?

Marvel Studios

One's an asskicking supernatural force of nature in the body of a high school teenager. The other's a never-say-die test pilot given phenomenal cosmic power by aliens.

But despite the difference in their lives, their powers and their origin stories, Buffy Summers and Carol Danvers have a whole lot in common. They're female icons of empowerment, role models for more than one generation. Their superpowers let them beat the tar out of the bad guys, but it's their indomitable strength of will that makes them heroes.

They're totally both blonde, but that's just a coincidence.

So let's see how well you know your inspirational badasses! 53773857734 shiny Internet Points if you get 100%, and answers at the end...

1. "Power. I Have It, They Don't. This Bothers Them."

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