Can You 100% The Hardest WandaVision Quiz On The Internet?

Can you remember all the crazy things that went on inside of Westview?

WandaVision TV Show
Marvel Studios

After a nine episode run that had every MCU fan logging into their Disney+ account every Friday morning without fail, the spectacular WandaVision is finally over. Yes, we're extremely sad too.

Even though it was a shorter than average season of TV, it certainly gave us a whole lot of information over that period. From insane reveals about Wanda's true powers to the introduction of some very cool new characters, the first true TV show to be in continuity with the MCU was a hell of a ride.

However, with so much information packed into such a small amount of time, how much do you actually remember from WandaVision? We've gone back through the show and have chosen some exceptionally hard questions that you'd only be able to answer if you were truly paying attention.

If you think you're a true fan of this magical show, then try to answer the questions without any help. However, if you fail to earn that 100% mark, at least it'll give you another excuse to rewatch the show from the start.

Let's begin...

1. What Song Is Playing On The Radio At Vision's Job


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