Can You Get 100% On This Loki Season One Quiz?

Find out if you're on a timeline where you can beat this mischievous Loki quiz!

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Loki quickly proved itself to be one of the most inventive and imaginative elements of the MCU. Its first season introduced superb concepts like variants and the TVA, and was unafraid to go to strange places, ranging from disintegrating planets to an Alligator variant of the God of Mischief. Clearly, the MCU’s creatives hadn’t lost any of their nerve since WandaVision’s weirdness!

The show featured a powerful narrative for Loki himself, who was forced to confront his flaws and search for a new (glorious) purpose. Tom Hiddleston was reliably brilliant throughout the season, as Loki tried to move on from his mistakes and learned to love himself in a way that very few could have seen coming! Of course, it helped that there was a brilliant cast of supporting characters for him to interact with, such as Owen Wilson’s lovable Agent Mobius and Sophia Di Martino’s driven, vengeful Sylvie.

The finale’s unforgettable cliffhanger had immense ramifications, as Sylvie's revenge caused the birth of a new multiverse and the emergence of a terrible threat to all existence.

With that, it’s time for you to test your knowledge of season one (provided that our branch of the multiverse isn’t pruned before you can finish)!

1. What Does TVA Stand For?

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