Can You Name These Rick And Morty Planets By Just One Image?

It's the interplanetary showdown of the year. Strap on your combat suit and get schwifty!

Planet Squanch Rick And Morty
Adult Swim

What began life as a seriously sketchy Back To The Future sendup has now broadcast four seasons and a handful of shorts, while unrelentingly penetrating the zeitgeist and making waves as a pop culture consumer phenomenon (Video games! Mugs! Bikini sets! Assorted food items!).

Pessimistic, alcoholic scientist Rick Sanchez has taken his caterwauling nephew Morty to more planets than you can wave an ionic defibulizer at, dragging we humble viewers along on their coattails. Not limited by budget or imagination, these worlds have conjured up images of heaven, hell, and everything in-between - from a living planet that has to be milked, to a planet where everything is on the cob, and of course the infamous but rarely seen Boob World.

No matter how many of the early season hipsters say Rick And Morty is past its best, the universe continues to expand, and with no sign of slowing down (season five is set for a June 2021 release) this might just be the perfect intergalactic pit stop to take stock and count our planets.

Do you know your Gaia from your Gazorpazorp? Could you navigate the screaming sun Earth? Can you find your way from Pluto to Parblesnops? Time to find out.

1. What Planet Is This?


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