Castlevania Season 2 Review: 7 Ups And 2 Downs

7. Up: The Performances


The voice acting, including that of the new cast, is superb, with both humour and deeply emotional moments being delivered effectively. Warren Ellis's script was able to mix deeply hilarious, if adult humour in without undercutting the drama and action, and the voice actors were able to bring the complex emotions of affection, love, uncertainty, anger, and such to the fore.

Some standouts in this season were Godbrand, played by the unconquerable Peter Stormare, whose loud and brash and bombastic presence was felt all the way through, as well as Jaime Murray's graceful, powerful, and scheming Carmilla, Adetokumboh M'Cormack as the reserved yet deeply violent (and deeply passionate) Isaac, and the powerful yet sweet and meek Hector played by Theo James.

This isn't even mentioning the powerful and painfully emotional performances of Graham McTavish and James Callis as Dracula and Alucard respectively, and the truly heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking performances by Richard Armitage and Alejandra Reynoso's Trevor and Sypha.

The talents behind the voice cast and the fantastic script come together beautifully, bringing out some of the greatest acting and emotional depth seen in a fantasy cartoon in a good long while.


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