Charlie Cox's Daredevil Returning To Marvel For Secret Invasion?

The Devil could be back from cancellation hell on MCU's Secret Invasion Disney Plus series.

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Hold on to your butts, devil lovers, because it appears the Man Without Fear could be on his way back to our screens very soon.

It has been reported by Fandom Wire that Charlie Cox has signed on to appear as Matt Murdock/Daredevil in a new Marvel series titled Secret Invasion, alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn in their respective roles as Nick Fury and Talos. The series will likely be an adaptation of the comic series of the same name, where alien shapeshifters the Skrulls have taken the forms of many different heroes as a way to take over Earth.

The Disney+ series will follow this to some capacity, with Fury and Talos probably working together to find how far the infiltration has progressed. It's not known if any MCU heroes are secret Skrulls, but it's very probable someone prominent will be revealed to be a green alien.

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Where Cox's Matt Murdock will fit in, it's not known. In the comic storyline, Daredevil fights against the Skrull forces alongside Fury close to the end of the saga, but as of yet it's not clear whether film Fury is aware of Daredevil's existence. It could be an interesting way to bring Murdock in; perhaps with his heightened senses, he's able to tell through smell or listening to a heartbeat if someone is indeed human or not.

This brings Fury right to the steps of Nelson and Murdock, where he then asks for help from Murdock's devilish side. Together, they could work to determine who among them can be trusted and who is a Skrull conspiring against the human race. This would be a logical step for Fury to follow considering he'snot superhuman enough to tell who is actually who they say they are.


The most important thing this would do, however, is that it would officially link Cox's Daredevil to the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe. The relationship between the two has been murky to say the least, so in doing this it would definitively bring at least part of the Marvel Netflix 'Verse into the bigger Marvel picture at long last. It would be a long time coming for fans, but it would be oh so worth it to see Cox as Matt Murdock interact with the man who brought the Avengers together in the first place.


From last we saw of Murdock, he had reconciled his darker side and brought himself back from the precipice of killing his nemesis, Wilson Fisk. The other thorn in his side, Ben Poindexter, had been paralysed during the three-way confrontation; he would be well on his way to embodying Daredevil's enemy marksman, Bullseye, had Netflix not pulled the plug on the series and cancelled it indefinitely.

If Cox returns to Marvel, it stands to reason that Vincent D'Onofrio's Fisk or Wilson Bethel's Bullseye could also make a vicious comeback in some way. Bullseye himself appears briefly in the comic story, killing the last Skrull on Earth, so there is a precedent for his appearance alongside the shapeshifting aliens. Where D'Onofrio would fit in, it's not clear, but it's logical that he'd appear in some way to hound Murdock's mind, if not appearing physically.

Once again, it's not official - but rumours are also strong that Cox will appear alongside the web-slinger in Spider-Man 3, so it's apparent fans are clinging on to the hope that their Man Without Fear will come back to their screens.

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