Charmed: 5 Reasons The Halliwell Sisters Are Greatest TV Witches Ever

3. Power Rules and Responsibility

Book_of_Shadows1Ep (1) Whilst tv shows, such as Sabrina, often portray the responsibility that comes with magic in a lighthearted manner, the Charmed Ones had the one constant thing to consider throughout the series: Personal Gain. The first basic rule for any witch, in Charmed, was that their those blessed with individual powers could only use them to protect others, and NEVER for personal advantage. Whilst this wasn't may not have been adhered to strictly towards the end of the series, by the writers, it was at least a structure put in place, which added to the shows 'witch' mythology. Charmed redefined witchcraft for itself and the rules and responsibilities placed on their powers made it more legitimate. Similarly, the Charmed Ones also had bosses; the Council of Elders, who sent Leo, a Whitelighter (guardian angel), to watch over them and pass along their instructions. This added a Charlie's Angels-like element to the show and held the sisters to account. The Elders often acted as a point of contention for the sisters, who resented being given orders by an unknown force. They grew even further apart after Piper and Leo fell in love, an act forbidden between Witches and Whitelighters. Nevertheless, the role of the Elders and Whitelighters, as a 'Higher Power', was another interesting restraint placed on the protagonists. In terms of their adversaries the Charmed Ones were made very much aware that they would face stronger foes as their powers grew. This kept the sisters, and the viewers, constantly aware of a new looming threat. Throughout the course of the show the sisters' enemies progressed from; warlocks in Season One and Two; demons in Season Three; The Source of All Evil in Season Four and all the way up to the Evil Triad in Season Eight, which was revealed to have been the driving force behind all of their adversaries throughout the series.
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