Cobra Kai: 10 Insane Details You Definitely Missed

It doesn't just reference the old movies. Cobra Kai has callbacks to the cartoon!!

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Because The Karate Kid was one of the biggest hits of the 1980s, fans were thrilled when the story was revived as the TV series, Cobra Kai. In the show, Daniel Russo's former tormentor, Johnny Lawrence, has fallen on rough times and so, decides to open his very own karate dojo to relive his glory days. But when he finds himself at odds with Daniel once again, their rivalry is reignited.

Cobra Kai could have easily been a show filled with nostalgic callbacks and no substance. (Just look at the reboot of Saved by the Bell... On second thought, don't.)

Instead of relying on winks to the camera, Cobra Kai focuses on the story and characters' constantly evolving relationships. This has allowed the series, not only to keep the spirit of the original film, but to surpass it.

But just because Cobra Kai doesn't focus on Easter eggs, doesn't mean it isn't chockfull of them. Now, some of them are blatantly obvious. Daniel doing the wax on, wax off with Robby.

Miguel's skeleton costume. The Banzai trees. But there are some details that even the most eagle-eyed and eagle-fanged viewers missed.

10. Captain Turner's Introduction

Cobra Kai
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When we see flashbacks of Kreese in Vietnam during Season 3, we learn he was taught martial arts by his captain, Turner. When Kreese meets him, Turner explains that he was trained in Tang Soo Do. This is the same karate style the Cobra Kai actors were trained in while filming The Karate Kid.

He mentions to Kreese that he was mentored by a martial artist called Kim Sung Yun during the Korean War. In The Karate Kid Part III, Kreese's war partner, Terry Silver, informs Mr Miyagi he was trained by the very same sensei

If that sounds like a lot to unpack from two lines, we're not finished. Turner demonstrates the effectiveness of Tang Soo Do by tossing Kreese to the ground and driving his fist inches from his face. This is exactly what Kreese does to one of his students when Daniel and Mr Miyagi enter the Cobra Kai dojo in the original film. So, there you go. That's three Easter eggs in a span of ten seconds and the majority of viewers didn't notice any of them.

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