Cobra Kai: Ranking Every Character Worst To Best

We do not rank to be merciful here.


Cobra Kai is the smash hit nobody thought they needed, a television series set over thirty years after The Karate Kid movies.

While the original Karate Kid remains a heart-warming favourite, its forgettable sequels didn't exactly set the table for a return trip to the mean streets of Reseda. But Cobra Kai's producers clearly saw the later films' shortcomings as a challenge worth tackling head on. Fear does not exist in this dojo, does it?

And after two solid seasons, not to mention a rabid fan base, they've largely been vindicated.

Cobra Kai's rich characters are a huge part of what makes the show so appealing. At Cobra Kai's core is original villain Johnny Lawrence's journey to prove he's not a failure, as well as Karate Kid himself Daniel LaRusso's struggle to replicate Mr. Miyagi's successful training regimen.

Plus, the added bonus of a slew of sympathetic teenagers channeling their angst and insecurities through the kickass lens of karate sure doesn't hurt. Strike first, strike hard, no mercy.

Yet even the most balanced cast can't help but leave a few flies in the ointment. And considering how much Cobra Kai's main characters beat the absolute piss out of each other, you can bet they go through Tiger Balm by the case. Some badasses are simply better than others.

Here are Cobra Kai's main characters, from worst to best.

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