Community Or How I Met Your Mother: Who Said It - Jeff Winger Or Barney Stinson?

Was it Greendale's resident Seacrest or New York's Playbook writer?

Community How I Met Your Mother

Quick-witted, well dressed, great with the ladies and a surprisingly loyal friend - thats the description of Community's Jeffrey Winger and How I Met Your Mother's Barney Stinson, Trick question because it's both!

One thing that sitcoms excel at is making you fall for characters who, in many ways, should be hated. Community and HIMYM are exceptional at this, as they both feature central characters who are jerks on paper but are absolute delights on screen. One is a former lawyer, and the other is a suit-wearing ladies man.

Jeff and Barney are both incredibly vain, arrogant, self-serving and tend to think of women in ways that make them seem like sociopaths. However despite that, they both had a lot of good in them, with confidence, loyalty and coolness radiating off them. Plus, their attitudes towards the opposite sex shifted dramatically as they matured and mellowed out.

Thanks to their similarities, it can be a real challenge to sort between their best quotes, so why not use your fake lawyering skills to see if you can tell which of these legen(wait for it)dary guys said it?

1. “I’ve Been Dreaming Of That Since I Was Five. Well, That And My Own Operational Death Star.”


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