Community Quiz: Bet You Cant Name All Of These Characters!

I can't count the reasons I should stay...but can you name the characters that did?


One of the most under-rated sitcoms of all time is Community. Featuring characters from all ages, backgrounds, ethnicity and religion they somehow manage to come together over a common issue. They aren't very popular and kinda suck at college. Unless you're Pierce Hawthorne where you get to be proud of sucking at just about everything!

Some of the funniest moments in television come from the many and often insane adventures of Jeff, Abed, Troy, Britta, Annie, Pierce and Shirley. Whether it's a recurring paintball battle royale to the 'death', an epic game of Dungeons & Dragons or trying to escape a legitimate zombie outbreak during the Halloween party, it's very easy to forget at times that its a show about a struggling college group.

The main cast of characters are all comedy gold with many memorable moments. These moments are often made as good as they are by the help of the vast supporting cast. But how much attention did you pay throughout the series, bet you can't name all of the following characters from the show!

Answers are at the end!

1. Who Is This?


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