Community Quiz: Which Member Of The Study Group Said It?

Feast your ear-tongues on these memory pops!

Community Group

There's nothing like sitting down with a group of friends and bantering away. That's precisely what makes sitcoms so fun, as most of the time, you get to watch an outlandish crowd of folk doing just that. Still, throughout all the sitcom families and friendship groups out there, you'll struggle to find any quirkier than Community's Study Group.

This rambunctious lot were a diverse and utterly over-the-top set of personalities who would laugh as hard as they clashed. Each of them brought a distinct vibe to the show, making the whole machine run like an out of control steam train. Still, that chaos is what fans loved.

When it comes to the show's dialogue, you'd never cease to find clever and hilarious lines. The work of Dan Harmon and the writing team was always on-point, leading to a group of completely individual main characters who almost always left you in stitches. However, despite their distinct personalities and differences, it can be surprisingly tough to figure out which group member said it.

If you're a true Greendale Human Being, then here's your chance to prove it.

1. “That Was A Game. This Is Paintball.”


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