Community Quiz: Who Said It - Britta Or Annie?

Can you recall who said these instantly quotable Community one-liners and zingers?


Community fans are desperately still clinging on to the hope that there may be a movie on the horizon. Creator Dan Harmon still teases us to this today!

As recently as last year he admitted that the issues surrounding making a Community movie had been largely solved and that he had begun writing a screenplay for what he hoped would be a much anticipated culmination of what fans have been desperate to see for so long. The challenging part he confessed was making a movie that would be broad enough to be enjoyed by people who had never seen any episodes of Community before.

But seriously, who are these people? Who hasn't yet seen Community?! It's 110 episodes and six seasons of pure comedy gold.

For those familiar with the show it's more a question of how many times you have managed to rewatch the saga during the various lockdowns the last few years have given us.

One thing that becomes evident the more you re-watch Community is just how many instantly quotable one-liners and zingers are said by the characters, particularly the fiesty duo of Britta Perry and Annie Edison. The performances by Gillian Jacobs and Alison Brie catapulted them to stardom but no matter how good they have been in other things since, they will always be remembered as the girls from Community.

Whether the Community movie happens or not we will have to wait and see but for today's quiz we want to know whether it was Annie or Britta who said these famous quotes!

1. “Pizza, Pizza, Go In Tummy, Me So Hungee, Me So Hungee!”


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