Community Quiz: Who Said It - Chang Or The Dean?

This quiz is Changtastic! Dean to go!

Community Quiz
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Community followed a group of students at a community college as they faced the many challenges of school, relationships, and crazy dictators. Among them can be found the charismatic Jeff Winger, the ultra meta Abed Nadir, the super sassy yet kind Shirley Bennett, the bright and optimistic Annie Edison and the selfless and hypocritical Britta Perry.

During the first season, this unique set of friends were all taught Spanish by the wonderful Benjamin Chang. Over the years, he went from teacher to student, and then crazy dictator to crazy person suffering from Changnesia.

Naturally, Chang was hilarious in every scene he was in, even uttering lines that have since become iconic memes. He was someone who you couldn't help but love.

In charge of Chang and the rest of the students at Greendale was The Dean, Craig Pelton. The flamboyant Dean frequently greeted the students in wild outfits to make important announcements. Like Chang, he left his mark on fans with his unique style and dialogue.

With both Chang and The Dean being some of the most bizarre characters ever seen on television, there's no doubt the pair have some crazy quotes from the shows six season run. Can you work out who said the following quotes - was it Chang or was it The Dean?

1. "But I’m No Magician, I’m Just A Man Who Knows PowerPoint."


A grown up... allegedly