Community Quiz: You'll Never Get 100% On This Abed Nadir Quiz

How well do you know the heart and soul of Community?


NBC's Community may be long off the air as fans wait with bated breath for the movie to get made, but the show's eminent rewatchability has managed to keep fans plenty busy in the mean time.

If any one character is the heart and soul of Community, it surely has to be Abed Nadir, the show's resident lovable weirdo whose obsession with pop-culture knows no bounds, to ends both hilarious and disturbing.

In many ways the most relatable and endearing of all the series' characters, he's also perhaps the most quotable, and the one most prone to shenanigans that are simply impossible to forget.

But with so many instantly iconic moments under his belt, how well do you really remember Abed?

From his troubled upbringing to his relentless fascination with media, his zany interactions with the study group and beyond, you'll need an over-the-odds appreciation for the character to have a chance of nailing 100% on this quiz.

The answers are at the end as ever, so good luck!

1. Which Of These ISN'T One Of Abed's Nicknames?


Stay at home dad who spends as much time teaching his kids the merits of Martin Scorsese as possible (against the missus' wishes). General video game, TV and film nut. Occasional sports fan. Full time loon.