Community Quiz: You'll Never Get 100% On This Jeff Winger Quiz

How well do you know Greendale's troubled charmer?


Regardless of what you may make of Community's Jeff Winger, there's no denying that he's the show's lynch-pin - the warm, sarcastic center which everyone else instinctively gathers around for better or worse.

Played with a brilliantly dry glee by the always fantastic Joel McHale, Jeff's an undeniable degenerate with a planet-sized ego to match, yet over the course of the show's six seasons, we also periodically got a glimpse into Jeff's inner turmoil - re: his upbringing and his anxiety about getting older.

Was he as hilarious as Troy or as adorable as Abed? Never, but he brought the complimentary hard edge that the show desperately needed to work as well as it did.

With Jeff's iconic place in sitcom TV history firmly cemented, then, just how well do you actually remember his antics, his shenanigans, and his vital statistics over the years? It's time to put your Community obsession to its greatest test yet.

The answers are at the end as ever, so good luck!

1. How Old Does Jeff Turn In Season 5?


Stay at home dad who spends as much time teaching his kids the merits of Martin Scorsese as possible (against the missus' wishes). General video game, TV and film nut. Occasional sports fan. Full time loon.