Community: The 10 Most Hated Episodes

We promise that there's more on this list than just every season four episode.

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There are good sitcoms and then there are great sitcoms. And then there are sitcoms that define the genre and doom everything that comes after it to fall short by comparison. Community is that third kind.

Initially premiering on NBC in 2009, Dan Harmon’s quirky tale about a gang of outcasts forming a community college study group took certain sections of the internet by storm. With full episode homages to specific film genres and Dan Harmon’s love of meta commentary, this was a show that was proud to be weird in a sea of ordinary.

But for as many amazing episodes that this show has put out, there’s more than a few that aren’t so well regarded. In fact, a few of them are downright hated, both by critics and the fanbase. These are the episodes that even the most diehard Greendale devotee will skip on a rewatch.

Did your most reviled half hour make it onto the list? Or maybe you’re about to find out that you’re the only one who actually likes your favourite episode? You’ll have to read on to find out…

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