Community: The Hardest Ben Chang Quiz On The Internet

How well do you really know El Tigre Chino?

Community Ben Chang

When you go to college, university or schools of any kind, it's easy to forge bonds with your teachers. As you go on a learning journey, you can quickly understand the person who guides you on that journey and get to know them on a level not everyone else does. Of course, if you go to Greendale and study Spanish, that adventure of learning will be more of a nightmare.

Ben Chang is a sitcom character unlike any other. He starts the series as an aggressive and inappropriate Spanish teacher before having his life devolve around him, bouncing around jobs and eventually losing his grip on sanity. But, while that sounds dark and depressing, it actually made for one of the funniest characters in Community.

Played by the hilarious Ken Jeong, this character let the writers go as wild and creative as they wanted, leading to an utterly unpredictable maniac. Thanks to this, not only did he become a laugh riot but also an excellent source of trivia.

So, let's see how well you can remember the rise, fall, and everything in between of Senor Chang.

1. Which Of The Following Jobs Has Chang Never Had?


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