Community: The Impossible Nicknames Quiz

Do you know your Butt Soups from your Big Cheddars?

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How well can you remember the nicknames you had or gave to others during your old college days? Are they nicknames you still carry around with you today? Do you still call some of your best friends names that aren’t officially their own but were granted to them during their educational years, whether they liked it or not (or continue to like it or not!)

If so, this quiz might just be for you.

Community ran for six hilarious seasons between September 2009 and June 2nd and survived a cancellation by the sheer will of the fanbase and the cult following it had garnered. We still await the promised movie but for now we can still enjoy all 110 episodes of what this unforgettable sitcom delivered.

For today’s Community quiz we’re asking you how well you remember the nicknames of the main characters from the show. Can you separate your Britta Perry nicknames from your Troy Barnes nicknames? Do you know your Butt Soups from your Big Cheddars?

Good luck and remember you can find the answers to this Community quiz at the very end.

1. Sour Face


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